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Frequently Asked Questions:

Lets talk newborn photography?!?
Newborn photography is tricky.  We want your baby sleeping in most of the photos.  Please plan on your newborn session last about 2 hours.  We will stop several times to feed and comfort your newborn.  Please dress yourself in light breathable clothing.  The studio will be toasty to ensure your newborn is comfortable. It is best if your newborn is 10 days or younger.  So call ahead to make an appointment.

Tell me about pregnancy photos.  It seems to be the new thing but I am nervous!
Pregnancy photos are wonderful.  They take about 30 to 60 minutes.  I like to take them in my studio or in the comfort of your own home but on location is great too! It really depends on the "look" you want!  I can take them nude, fully clothed or I can drape you.  You will want to bring a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans, strapless bra or tube top, a mans dress shirt, and anything else that comes to mind that you would like. Please call the studio if you have more questions about pregnancy session. Oh... and I can edited out stretch marks!

Can I bring a prop to have in the photos?
Yes, anything that tells who you are as a person is great. Examples for seniors: basketballs, musical instruments, grips from gymnastics, letter-man coat, car, etc.  We also love it when brides bring fun things to their bridal shoots!  We have tons of props for babies and children as well!  If there is anything special you would like please bring it.  If you have a bridal or engagement shoot and you want to use some of our props please request them at the time of booking your session!

Extended Family Portrait Time?!?!?
Extended Family photos are only available in a Lizard Session. It is $150 for the session and comes with a copyright release CD of all the images taken.  There is no restriction on how many people are in the photo.  But as soon as we brake out of the "main group" and into smaller families and or singles.  Each family will then need to pay for a separate session.  But the session is discounted $100 each.  So they will get a copyright release CD of all the images of their separate family for only $50!!!  

Does Courtney photograph everything herself?
Courtney photographs all families, children, newborns and pregnancy portraits. 
For weddings; Courtney photographs all bridals, engagements and Wedding Day.
For Wedding Day coverage we do have a second photographer, Jeremy (her husband). 
He is booked for the second wedding of the day, or if specifically request the first wedding of the day.  He has been photographing weddings solo for over 6 years.  Courtney has personal trained him.  He has a very similar style and technique.  We offer full wedding albums in studio that display his work.  Please call the studio to request an appointment to see his work. Once Courtney and Jeremy are both booked the date is no longer available for wedding services.  We no longer offer any other associate photographers.

Is there anything I can do to prepare my child for the appointment? 
Bring them in the clothing that you would like to start the session with.
It is always best to avoid making your child feel pressure. For example, resist saying, "You really need to listen and say cheese." This makes the child anxious and stressful.  I really want to capture them as "who they are."  It is usually best for them to just come knowing they are getting their photos taken and let me work my magic from there.  I get down on the ground with your kids and play with them on their level.  This creates happy kids and happy kids makes Beautiful images! 

Do you offer on line viewing?
Yes. You will have the opportunity to order photos for the length or the online proofing.  After that time they are no longer available!  We do not archive portraits, only weddings! You will be issued a password that you can pass out to whom ever you wish.  The proofing is up for 1 months or 2 months if you are a BugClub Member.

How long is my time in the studio or on location?
Every session varies in length.  It also depends on how relaxed the kids are and how many people are in your family. All times are approximate.
-Family - 1 hour
-Newborn - 2 to 3 hours
-Children - 45 min
-Seniors  - 45 min
-Bridals - 1.5 hours
-Engagements - 1 hour

Do you require money down to reserve you as our wedding photographer?
We require $200 retainer, and it is nonrefundable.  The $200 is applied towards your wedding package.  Why is it nonrefundable you ask?  This is because we have reserved a photographer for you and have turned down other weddings. Your remaining balance is then due 2 weeks before your wedding date.

Can we buy the copyrights from our wedding?
Yes, for weddings the images come to you on high resolution DVD and are included in our package prices. We include these so that you have total control over your reprints, and you have the ability to reprint months or years later - you don't have to contact us, we don't have to bring them out of archive, or charge you for being a negative librarian etc.  

How long do we have to order prints and or albums?
Weddings:  1 year from your wedding date
Portraits:  2 weeks from session date and 1 month for BugClub Members

How long do you achieve or keep our images for?
1 year, we only keep your images for one year after your wedding date. 
*This is why we release or offer the copyrights to you.  So we do not incur achieve expenses.  Which in turn also allows up to keep our cost lower for our clients.

Can we buy the copyright from our portrait session?
Yes.  We have 2 types of sessions.
Lizard Session is $150 and comes with the copyright
Ladybug Session is $50, you can then buy the copyright for $250 or $200 if you are a BugClub Member.

Where will my photos be taken? Can I request to be outside?
All sessions can be taken in our studio or on location. Please see our pricing page for a list of locations and you can take a look at our company  Wedding BLOG  and Portrait BLOG for sample or these locations. We can also travel to any other location with in Salt Lake County lines travel fees apply. Some locations may have additional fees to photograph on the grounds.  If that is the case you would pay the additional fee to the location management on the day of the photo shoot.

I want to get more copies of my photos. Can I copy them myself or does the photographer really own the copyrights still, even though I have the photos?
According to Federal Law, images produced by a professional (photographer, artist, writer, etc.) are copyrighted the moment they are created. The Untied States Federal Law prohibits copying or reproducing any material without permission from the owner of the copyright. In this case the photographer. Most photographers will also have a stamp or writing of some sort on the backs of the photographs stating their name and/or DO NOT COPY. We personally have made our reprints and enlargements prices affordable enough for the average person to get professional photos taken. Without feeling like breaking the law is the only way their friends and loved ones will be able to receive a photograph. If you are a wedding client, we release all copyrights for the photographs to you. Therefore, you may reprint your photographs as much as you like. You own the copyrights to the photographs.  But Courtney Ryan Photography still has sole ownership and can use the images for marketing purposes.  All images on the DVD are unedited.

Can I choose the photos for my wedding album?
Yes, you can choose all the photos for your album. We  put the photos in the albums in the order of how the day took place. If there is any other special instructions you would like please let us know when you place your album order. Albums take on average 6 weeks to be made. You can order additional pages as well. Additional photos may be added for $2.00 per image. This can be done at the time of booking or when you order your album. Upgraded covers can also be ordered, please see album pricing.  Custom albums are also an option for $25.00 in studio custom fee. This is a sit down session with Courtney, where you would both have input into how the album is laid out.  Please call the studio if you are interested in a custom album session.


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