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I love the sound of my children laughing, and the color yellow!

I hate to wear shoes! 

I love the smell of the wet forest after it rains, the sound of the waves crashing at the ocean.

I love to swim and would spend every second in a lake with nothing around me but water and mountains. 

I love Montana and Utah, my family, fishing, my dogs, a good book, The Grateful Dead and Mexican food. I have owned 2 VW bugs and 1 VW van!  My current bug is a 74 and in the process of being restored! 

I love photography and capturing people as they are.  I love to shoot both in the studio and on location! 

Associate Photographers:
Jeremy (my husband) is also a wedding day photographer for Courtney Ryan Photography.  I have personal trained him myself and he has a very similar style and technique.  He has been shooting weddings solo for over 7 years. We offer full wedding albums in the studio to look at that showcase his work.  To view his work please call the studio to make an appointment.

About the Biz!

I have been in photography business since 1998. My background is photo-lab printing, photography retail and portrait photography. Where I worked several years as a photographer in portrait studios shooting both weddings and portraits.  I also managed a photo lab and camera store for 6 years before I started taking portraits full time in 2003.  Take a look at my website. You will see my professionalism and creativeness in everything I offer. I am really laid back which helps you be less stressed and  more relaxed.  I am excellent at managing my time so that you are not spending your entire day taking photos.

This is my job, my passion and love is photography.

Why hire a professional and not your “family friend!

I am sure you have heard about those couples that don’t book a professional photographer and use their “family friend” to document their wedding. But then you hear, how they wished they would of hired a Professional because their photos are just okay and not GREAT! They are not happy with the photos and videos they have to remember their day by. Sure it was cheap, or maybe even free. But you “get what you paid for.” We have several clients that come to us after their “family friend” takes their engagements or bridals and decide that they are not going to let the same “okay” images be the only memories from their wedding day. So they decide to hire a professional with the experience and the know how to get the job done right the first time. Because you only have one chance to get it right!

For Portraits:
It is hard and stressful enough finding a date and time that works for your family.  Then you have to get everyone showered, dressed, feed, rested in the car and off to the location.  I am quick with kids, easy going, relaxed and know how to pose 2 people to 50 people.  With a "family friend"  they are pretty much winging it.  Which leads to cranky kids that don't want to listen or smile and it can go from good to horrible in a matter of seconds.  Bottom line, leave it to a professional, not someone that could afford a nice camera and decided it was a fun hobby!

For weddings:
First of all this is your wedding! A day you want to remember! Most of everything you spend on your wedding day is a non-tangible item. Your wedding photos and videos are the only tangible item you have to remember your day by. Secondly, when you hire that “family friend” photographer you need to realize there is a difference between taking good snap shots of family photos at the park and a great wedding photo. Not to mention, group photos that flow and go over smoothly.

By hiring a professional you will get amazing photographs that are tangible items. You don’t want to remember your day by how unorganized group photos were and how lame your couple shots were, or how long it took to take photos. “Family friend” photographers are unorganized and inexperienced. You would not hire a Plumber to fix your car so why hire a “family friend” to document the most important day of your life.

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional photographer, group photos is one of the main reasons. Group photos are one of our specialties. We can get your photos done and out of the way before you know it. It is very important that your photographer have the know how and the experience when it come to your formal photographs. You don’t want to spend hours taking family and group photos at your wedding. For the photos of the bride and groom you don't want to be standing the same old way in every photo but with only changing the background. Take a look at your friends wedding photos who hired the “family friend" photographer. You will see just that. Unorganized groups, heads missing behind other heads, clumps of people in a photo rather then professional looking photos. And the couple photos will be just okay looking. They don’t say much about the couple or tell a story about their day and who they are.


You need to ask yourself if you want OKAY photos or KILLER photos! If you want KILLER, AWESOME, AMAZING images that express who you are, then Courtney Ryan is the prefect photographer for you!

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